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Nu Hair is Dallas best wigs & hair replacements shop. For the best wigs in DFW, visit Nu Hair in Dallas, TX. Our Dallas wig boutique offers high quality products, excellent customer service, and expert wig hairstylists since 1986.

Best Wig Store in Dallas, TX.

Best wigs and hair replacements in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.  The Dallas wig shop is the best place to shop for custom human hair wigs in complete privacy.  Dallas wigs and human hair replacements –

WigsDFW Site is About Wigs

WigsDFW site is about wigs as solution for hair loss problems. WigsDFW provides information on wigs in the Dallas Fort Worth area. for men, women and children with hair loss. Many suffer hair loss due to medical causes or hereditary condition and wigs may provide the best cover of the hair loss.

Nu Hair of Texas, Wig and Hair Replacement Center DFW

At Nu Hair of Texas, wig and hair replacement center, we offer all proven wigs, hair replacement and hair restoration solutions for men, women and children with alopecia, including medical causes or pattern baldness. Our Reallusions® hair wigs have significant designed base and superior natural hair quality advantage.

Reallusion® Hair Wigs in Dallas, TX

In our site WigsDFW, you can read and see that we offer the best European human hair wigs in the industry. We help you choose from extensive human hair wig collection, including the specially designed Reallusions® hair, which gives you the look of your own growing hair. One touch and you will know the difference immediately. Beautiful luster, sheen, lightness and bounce movement of Reallusion® hair wigs are unparalleled.

Nu Hair of TX is Transitions Hair Replacement Group Member

Nu Hair of TX is part of Transitions International hair replacement group with professionals centers in USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia. We guarantee quality control and innovative designs in our custom made wigs. We are globally recognized as the industry leader in quality, craftsmanship, and excellence in service. Our centers have acclaimed a worldwide reputation of honesty and integrity as wigs experts.

Wigs & Hairpieces

Medical Wigs For Hair Loss 90
Wigs For Men Women & Children 95
100% Human Hair Wigs 85
Hair Care Products 90

Our Hair Loss Solutions

REALLUSIONS® HairFor Female Hair Loss
WigsDFW is a Dallas Fort Worth info site for women who are shopping for wigs. REALLUSIONS® Hair is made specifically for women’s hair loss and it is available in Dallas Fort Worth TX at Nu Hair of Texas.
Nu Hair Replacement
Nu Hair ReplacementFor Men's Pattern Baldness
Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, newest non surgical hair restoration solution for men’s pattern baldness. Find more information on wigs and hair replacement for men at
MEP90 Laser Therapy
MEP90 Laser TherapyMedical Laser Hair Growth Therapy
MEP-90 laser is the only FDA approved medical laser for hair loss treatment. FDA approved MEP90 laser hair treatment device as hair growth treatment, now in Dallas Fort Worth Texas.
dhtSENSORHair Loss Control
dhtSENSOR® is the advanced hair loss treatment solution for safely and effectively treating the progression of mild to moderate hair loss and thinning hair in both men and women.