Smart Wig Dallas TX

Wig Dallas TX – ‘Smart’ wig is a wig with a circuit board that reads brainwaves. You can’t find a wig in Dallas TX that gives navigation and provide tactile feedback to the user. You may find it the near future. The smart wig has a patent as “wearable computing device” wired into a hairpiece by Japan’s Sony Computer Laboratory (CSL). The Japanese wig invention has several parts to it. There is a wig with a built-in laser pointer for slideshow presentations. The second wig guides the user to a destination using vibrations and a GPS. Sony also created a third wig that measures body temperature and blood pressure. The wig could be made from human hair, synthetic hair or any other material so it would hide the circuit board. The hidden delicate electronics talk wirelessly to another computer such as a smartphone. In the wig embedded tactical parts that provide feedback to the user as buzzing to give navigation cues. In other words, they use vibration or small electric shocks to provide “tactile feedback” to the smart wig wearer.

Techno Wigs Dallas Texas Report

The techno-wigs are the new addition to the world of wearable computing such as apple glasses. The smart wig uses GPS to speak to satellites and guide users to their destination with tiny ultrasound vibrations on different parts of the head. This utility will guide a blind person in the future. Another smart wig measures body vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure, and brainwaves. Also, an intelligent wig can use facial expressions or brain activity to record sounds and images, for example, for a computer presentation or allow wearers to playback their events. Neat idea that one day you will find a smart wig in Dallas Texas wig shop.