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Project Description

New Hair Replacement


Nu Hair replacement is hair system graft for men’s pattern baldness without hair transplant surgery pain. Hair replacement system with the utterly natural front hairline. It has a uniquely skin-like membrane implanted with single hair grafts to simulate healthy hair follicles growth. Nu Hair replacement is natural, comfortable, and great looking hair. Provides the ability to add as little or as much hair to regain the overall hair density desired and entirely natural for the touch. Hair power for today’s stylish man.

Nu Hair Replacement has been scientifically developed using a pinpoint precision of implanting single hair grafts into the skin like a membrane. And with the accuracy of computer technology to gently reshape the outer surface to give the most natural non-surgical hair restoration product today.

New Hairstyle Trends Available


The new hairline features our most natural looking hair replacement system.  This provides your choice of a hairstyle look that you like. Our expert hairstylists shape your hair with hairstyle that fits your face shape can really go a long way in providing natural appearance. Men’s textured hairstyles are in. Create a choppy, textured look in the top and crown. The longer top section is given the choppy layers. Nu Hair replacement Ssystems can be cut and styled into almost any design.

Comfortable Design


Hair replacement systems, toupee, hairpieces for men refer to hair restoration solutions for men’s hair loss. The non-surgical hair replacement should be natural, comfortable and managable.

Nu Hair Replacement Examples


Our non-surgical hair replacement for men, looks, feels, and acts as your hair! You can enjoy everyday activities and never worry about your hair again! You can swim, shower and play sport without fear. You can style your hair any way you like.

You will come in for a haircut, shampoo, style and reattachment, about every four to six weeks when your hair grows. Nu Hair of TX is at the forefront of the Dallas men’s hair restoration.

Men Hair Replacement System For Men Dallas

Quality in Details



Nu Hair replacements with 100% human hair are best choice for having the most realistic natural appearance and as close to your own hair look.


Our hair replacement systems have the most subtle texture to the sight and touch, that is so daring, playful and ultimately seductive.


Nu Hair of TX hair replacement experts will guide you through best new hair systems available today.

With our help you can get your perfect hair again

Get Nu Hair expert advice and learn how to achieve today's hottest hair trends