Cancer wigs are available free to cancer patients with financial needs. Help for wigs is the American Cancer Society wig bank, throughout the USA, including Texas. The information here is courtesy of Nu Hair of DFW, Texas a wig specialty boutique.

Free Cancer Wigs Programs help patients – “Gift Closets”

Free wigs program helps cancer patients deal with the disease and the traumatic mental effects. Cancer treatments usually make hair fall out in most patients. Most cancer patients see hair fall out during cancer treatments. There is no surprise when beautiful, long, curly blond hair starts to fall out by the handful.

American Cancer Society provides the free-wig program

The American Cancer Society offers through hospitals and cancer centers free wigs for cancer patients in need of financial help. Helping patients feel better about themselves is one of the reasons the American Cancer Society provides the free-wig program. American Cancer Society believes that cancer patients can’t control their hair loss, but they can control their appearance by using wigs to cover their hair loss.

Contact American Cancer Society in DFW, TX

To get a free alopecia cancer wig, we recommend contacting your local American Cancer Society as they will be able to refer you to the closest wig bank in your area. The American Cancer Society has offices and “Gift Closets” located throughout the United States. A “Gift Closet” is a location that is stocked by American Cancer Society donations with free cancer treatment-related supplies for patients in need. Some local American Cancer Society offices have wig banks and may be able to offer assistance to women who need, but may not be able to afford, a wig. You can find more information about all of the services that the American Cancer Society provides, including their free wig program, at http://www.cancer.org or by calling 1-800-ACS-2345.

Also, some insurance companies cover the cost of a wig when prescribed by a doctor as a “cranial prosthesis.” A cancer wig is called in medical terms a full cranial prosthesis. Ask your insurance company if your insurance policy covers “cranial prosthesis.”

Check your “Cranial Prosthesis” insurance coverage

*If you’re shopping for a wig for medical reasons, check with your insurance company first to see what their coverage will be. Nu Hair of Dallas TX issues a receipt upon full payment of your wig, that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Dallas Fort Worth Wig Experts

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