Dallas Texas Wig Report

Shane Richie has been seen on the Benidorm TV comedy series set wearing an 80s wig with brunette hair. Richie, age 51 was pictured for the first time in his character for the set with an 80s wig, Benidorm-style accessories of an open tacky animal-print shirt, fully exposed silver chain and slick metallic trousers. The wig looked hilarious on him, but this was the purpose of coping the soap legend’s crazy wig. Actress Joan Collins, age 82 looked delighted to be back on the set with Richie.

Celebrities Wear Wigs

Many celebrities wear wigs. Some stars love wigs because they can quickly change their hairstyle without waiting for their natural hair to grow or often as a quick fix for hairstyling. Many of the rich and fame use wigs because they are dealing with hair loss. Angelina Jolie wore a wig on the red carpet so that her hair appeared full and luxurious. Beyonce Knowles is known for wearing various lace front wigs when she is out in public.

Nu Hair Wig Boutique

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